Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well Krewe du Vieux rolled Saturday, chilly outside but our hearts were warm. We had great fun marching. We were part of the Krewe de Mishigas-- Yiddish for the krewe of craziness-- formerly Krewe du Jieux but do to an unfortunate but predictable schism in the ranks, there is now a random krewe of jieux marching about under the redoubtably brilliantly but ofttimes maddening LJ Goldstein, whereas the krewe he founded.. anyway.. yawn...
We marched, and the crowd was happy to see us. We were supposed to be NOLA's Ark-- being a Jieuxish krewe we are doomed to be exegetical-- anyway, 3 of us came as the three blind mice levee inspectors.. marching with our white canes and crashing into folks, who seemed to get it immediately...Some photos for your viewing pleasure...
First you see (above) our King and her royal highness the J.A.P. 2006--
Next (below) one of those lovely blind mice a random clown...a FEMA official, and the candyman

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